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Rates vary depending on equipment purchased, location, and hours performed.  Travel fees (ferries, mileage) apply and hourly rates vary from $35.00 - $50.00.  Most beadmaking workbenches average only a couple hours set-up time.

         Available services-

 ·       Pre-studio consultation- Physical walk through of desired studio area with consultation on work bench location, ventilation, lighting, fuel storage, etc.

 ·       Studio check out- Inspect and perform leak tests of established workbench/studio.

 ·       Equipment procurement- All tools, glass, kilns, and equipment can be purchased.

 ·       Studio set-up- Physical set-up of workbench/studio with torch placement to hoses, flashback arrestors, regulators to oxygen/propane bottles or oxygen concentrators/generators, kiln setup and leak testing.  Training on all equipment including oxygen/propane regulator and torch startup and shut down is available.

 ·       Studio set-up deluxe-  Show up at your studio or residence with all your equipment, set-up your workbench/studio, perform leak tests, train you on proper usage, make a few beads and you’re on your way to flameworking glass in the privacy of your own home or shop.

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