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1.    Featured artist, with cover, in the December 2004 Bead & Button Magazine. 

2.    Opening demonstrator at the 2004 annual international conference for the International Society of Glass Beadmakers (ISGB), Portland, Oregon

3.    Selected as member of the Senior Instructor Advisory Board at Pratt Fine Art Center, Seattle, Washington and taught there continually for nine years. 

4.    Selected by Trovata Adventure Tours to provide instructional support to multiple annual tours and workshops in Italy and Germany.

5.  Selected by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers as their Torch Events/Equipment Manager for all annual international conferences. 

6.  Has provided consultation and engineering support to the setup of over 100 private and commercial glass flameworking studios. 

7.  Has taught glass flameworking to over 1600 students in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe. 

8.    Certified by Glass Alchemy, Ltd. to instruct flameworking borosilicate glass. 

9.    Invited to be guest instructor at the 2005 national annual show of the Bead & Button Company.

10. Selected by Pratt Fine Arts Center as Winter Quarter 2007 "Master Artist" including artwork exhibit, lecture and master artist class.

11. Selected by the ISGB to sit on the annual conference's Senior Instructor Advisory Panel.

12. Has work on permanent exhibit at the Flameworking Museum in Kobe, Japan and at the Art Glass Factory in Lauscha, Germany.


1.                International Society of Glass Beadmakers

2.                Glass Art Society

3.                Oregon Glass Guild

4.                Seattle Area Beadmaking Society “Fire & Rain”

5.                Oregon Regional Beadmaking Society (ORBS)

6.                Western Canada Beadmaking Society “PYROS”

7.                Alberta Canada Beadmaking Society (honorary member)

8.                Northwest Bead Society

9.                Portland Bead Society

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